How It Works

You Select

Choose from our two box options:  Our "Love" box (monthly subscription) or our "Just Married" box ( One-time purchase)

We Prepare

Each Month the items are different and we try to line them up with our A.G.A.P.E. principles as well as a monthly theme. these items are meant to encourage reading together, praying together, doing an activity together, building memories together, and so on. We pick, prepare and ship your box monthly and shipping is FREE!

You Receive 

We deliver Every 15th of the month. Your box will be delivered straight to your front door. (usually between 2-3 days after its shipped) Again, FREE shipping!

A.G.A.P.E. Principles:


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Our Products

The LOVE Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $29.95 Monthly

Each box has surprise products, no box is completely the same. We handpick products that line up with our AGAPE Principles, all our products are Bible-based goodies that will help your marriage. - Selecting "Shirt Size" does not guarantee a shirt in monthly box. - Boxes ship on or around 15th of eac...

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The "Just Married" Box

Price: $24.95

A box with goodies that will welcome you to marriage-hood. - Same theme in each box - This is one-time purchase good. - Box will ship out, normally within 3-5 business days.

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